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Fall Cleanup

Maintain a healthy lawn and a beautiful outdoor space

As the leaves fall to the ground, it’s important to start thinking about ridding your lawn of the fallen leaves. While cleaning up your lawn seems daunting, fall cleanup is essential to ensure your lawn is healthy.

Ideal for residential and commercial lawns

Fall Cleanup is the perfect service to make outdoor spaces look tidy and well cared for. Removing leaves and other debris protects your lawn from disease and insect infestations. Fall cleanup also allows you to aerate your lawn and fertilize your grass. 

Taking the time to do a fall cleanup can save time and money in the long run.

High-quality, efficient lawn care with Horizon Property Maintenance

If you are looking for a well-maintained lawn, Horizon Property Maintenance has the team and knowledge to ensure your lawn is cared for year-round. 

Don’t wait! Get started on your fall yard cleanup with Horizon Property Maintenance today!