Horizon Property Maintenance Inc.

ADDRESS  3221 8 Ave N Lethbridge

Lawn Care

Horizon Property Maintenance offers lawn care development and upkeep services designed to cater to every aspect of turf grass culture. Known for our exceptional work and product quality, our 100% commitment to customer service sets Horizon apart from other businesses.

Lawn Maintenance with Horizon Property Maintenance

Keep your lawn and outdoor property clean and manicured throughout all seasons with Horizon Property’s range of services designed to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round.

Services Include:


Whether your current landscape needs fixing or a total makeover, or you are looking to landscape your property for the first time, we do it all! Contact Horizon Property Maintenance today to start your residential or commercial landscaping project.


Compost is a great natural fertilizer supplement that complements many lawn maintenances. As organic matter decays on your soil, it releases the needed nutrients for plants to thrive. If you want to learn more about how composting can help your garden and lawn grow, contact us today.

Lawn Aeration

Best done in the spring, along with power raking, lawn aeration involves punching holes into the soil to allow needed nutrients such as water, sunlight, and oxygen to sink into the ground and reach the lawn’s root system. Having a healthy, deep root system makes your lawn lush and green.

Dethatching irrigation services

If your lawn is suffering from a thick thatch layer, this restorative service can help bring life back into your yard. Dethatching allows your lawn breathe by slicing through layers of thatch into the soil and removing the thick layer of built-up organic matter suffocating your property.

Spot re-seeding

Don’t let weeds fill in bare patches in your lawn. It is important to fill any empty or bald patches with seeds as quickly as possible. Without grass holding the soil in place, the soil can also erode, causing more damage and work to your lawn in the long-term.

Total lawn renovation

Does your lawn need a complete makeover? We can help. Contact us today and we will work with you to develop a program on how to get your lawn to optimal health, and how to maintain it.