Horizon Property Maintenance Inc.

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Lawn Mowing

Keep your lawn looking crisp and fresh with Horizon Property Management

A regular mowing schedule is beneficial and important for a healthy lawn.

Scheduling made easy

Get your lawn mowed when it works best for you. We will come on the same day every week, seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule. Horizon Property Maintenance will now your lawn on a weekly schedule

Service Includes:

Horizon Property comes to your home once a week and ensures your lawn is mowed at 2.5 inches. Edging is done with a string trimmer. We rotate the direction we mow each time to prevent over-compaction, which can result in poor lawns. Grass clippings can either be bagged and removed or mulched. The choice is yours!

A regular mowing schedule is beneficial and important for a healthy lawn.

Why regular lawn mowing is good for your grass:

1: Grass blades get more exposure to the sun as they are mowed, helping your grass grow greener and healthier.

2: Tall grass is the perfect hiding spot and preceding ground for unwanted pests such as ticks, fleas, and other unwanted guests. Regular mowing helps keep grass from growing too tall and will reduce pests in your lawn.

3: Even if you cannot see them, weed seeds will always be on your lawn. They just may be lying dormant. Frequent mowing helps keep your lawn at a consistent height. Having the right height and not having a too short lawn helps protect the soil from overexposure from the sun. Keeping your soil healthy reduces the risk of weeds growing and spreading.

As weeds spread, they get harder to deal with, and additional weed control treatments may be needed to repair your grass.

4: Regular lawn mowing appointments also mean your lawn looks good. A manicured, well-cared-for lawn shows you care about your lawn and home. Having an untidy, messy garden is not appealing to look at.

5: When grass is longer, it takes much longer to cut. It makes your equipment work harder to trim the longer blades of grass, and it can often take multiple mows to get your lawn where you want it to be. Resulting in wasted time, resources, and effort.