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Leaf Cleanup

Avoid mould, pathogens, disease, and lawn damage.

Ridding your lawn of leaves at the end of fall and the start of spring is necessary for a healthy, lush lawn.

Mould loves moist organic matter

A thick layer of wet, soggy leaves can suffocate your lawn and make the perfect breeding ground for mould. If you have noticed white spots on your lawn, this could be mould starting to form.

Leaf cleanup can easily be done with a lawn mower if done in a timely manner when the leaves are not wet and clumpy.

Why Leaf Cleanup is Important

Having a mouldy lawn is a danger for pets, wildlife, and anyone walking across your lawn. It is easier to prevent a mouldy lawn than it is to fix it. Removing the thick layer of leaves from your lawn is an easy way to ensure your grass can breathe and eliminate the risk of unwanted pests and mould hiding underneath. Leaf debris makes a great cover and insulation against the cold winter months for your flower beds and tree bases. 

If the leaves have not been cleaned up, don’t panic! They can be removed in the spring as soon as the snow melts. This will be more difficult now than in the fall because the debris will be wet. 

Horizon Property Maintenance takes care of your lawn

Our talented team will arrive regularly at a scheduled time of your choosing, ensuring that your outdoor space will be taken care of year-round. If you are interested in this or another one of our services, contact us, and we will work with you to develop an ideal lawn care treatment and schedule.