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Power Raking

Help your lawn breath and access the nutrients it needs

Power raking or de-thatching is the #1 way to eliminate the problem of excessive thatch build-up.

Ensure your lawn is breathing every season

It is important to power rake when there is enough growing season left for your lawn to recover from the treatment because it does cause some damage to healthy grass.

How it works

Our experienced crew will power rake the entire lawn area, ensuring no grass patch is missed. Walking along the lawn in the same patterns as if we were mowing it, the power rake brings up the excess thatch to the surface. Our crews then hand rake or suck up all of the dead grass and take it to a disposal site. Finally, the sidewalks are cleaned of leftover debris.

Revitalize your lawn for the next season

Power ranking is a great way to remove dead debris and crust that builds up on the lawn over Winter. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that settles near the roots of the lawn. If left alone, it can smother the grass, making it hard for sunlight and water to penetrate the ground.

Why Power Raking is good for your lawn

  1.  Helps water and nutrients reach the grassroots
  2. Power Raking is a gentle process that removes the thatch from your lawn without causing significant damage
  3. Removing the thick, impenetrable layer increases the effectiveness of fertilizers
  4. Stimulates new growth, resulting in a thicker, healthier, lush lawn
  5. A thick layer of thatch can deprive your soil and your lawn’s root system of water, oxygen, and nutrients.
If you are interested in this or another one of our services, contact us, and we will work with you to develop an ideal lawn care treatment and schedule.