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Weed and Feed

Keep your lawn healthy and thriving with Horizon Property Management

Our Weed and Feed service ensures your lawn is nourished while the weeds are not.

Ideal for residential and commercial lawns

A “weed and feed” is an umbrella term for specific 2-in-1 lawn products. These products contain herbicide and liquid fertilizer, so weeds can be killed, and your grass can be fed simultaneously. Fertilizer boosts your lawn and helps contribute to a lush, thick, healthy lawn, while herbicide will kill weeds choking your lawn.

Lawn care scheduled on your time

Get your lawn serviced when it works best for you. Our lawn technician will show up at a pre-scheduled time and spray the entire lawn and any sidewalk or driveway cracks. Treatments can be done roughly 4-5 times a year when they work for you. Every lawn is different, and it can be difficult to recommend a schedule once we assess your lawn ourselves. Generally speaking, 4-5 lawn treatments per year are ideal for most lawns. If your lawn requires more or less treatments, don’t stress! There are a lot of different factors that depend on a lawn’s condition.

The advantages of a Weed and Feed

This treatment gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay green lush, and healthy through the growing season. The herbicide will kill unwanted weeds on the surface and help prevent weeds under the soil from germinating and coming up to the surface. 

Quality lawn care with Horizon Property Maintenance

If you are looking for a well-maintained lawn, Horizon Property Maintenance is your one-stop shop for lawn maintenance and care. We understand that you live a busy life, and finding the time to care for and maintain your lawn can be hard. With Horizon Property Maintenance, your lawn is in good hands.

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